6 mistakes you're making with social media...

6 mistakes you're making with social media...

1. Size Doesn't Matter, It's What You Do With It

You might think that the bigger the paid reach for a post is the better chances you have of a successful campaign, this is often not the case. Imagine if a session on Facebook was a journey on the tube, seeing an advert once because the reach is 2m on a £100 budget isn't going to imprint itself on your brain, however seeing a smaller number of adverts repeatedly will. Keep your estimated reach in proportion to your budget. 

2. #EnoughAlready

Hashtags are a great way of starting a trend and following the success of a campaign, however the humorous trend of super-long or multiple hashtags is detrimental in the long term. When people look back through your page you want the information in posts to be as clear as possible at glance and cluttering posts with unnecessary information.

3. Are you talkin' to me?

If you're appearing in someone's newsfeed uninvited, chances are in 2015 they know it's an ad. Try and avoid a sales-heavy tone, you're much more likely to gain engagement and interaction from a light-hearted post which involves your product or service. 

4. This isn't "Hole in the Wall", shape up! 

All social media channels give preference to users who post content in their preferred dimensions, it's certainly not a one size fits all affair. Make sure you read the recommended dimensions for each social channel and adapt your content to it.

5. Is that within 20%?

Four words to make any social media designer tremble, but this is crucially important for Facebook. Their 20% law rules with an iron fist and paid or organic, they're going to kill your reach if your post is text heavy or disallow your ad all together.

6. Hi, Nice to Meet You! Here's My Life Story...

Keep your posts short! Amongst younger audiences, 80% of all content is viewed on a mobile device, and a post over 5 lines long will be partially hidden behind a "read more" wall - if possible keep posts to within 2-3 sentences.

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