6 mistakes you're making with PPC...

6 mistakes you're making with PPC...

1. Perfect your targeting, don't throw away your budget

Targeting can be the hardest part of any PPC campaign, make sure you analyse who is consuming your content and how. Serving your advert to 16-65 year old's rarely results in cost effective results, customise your campaign to a specific demographic and hone in on them. 

2. Achieving the ideal cost per click (CPC) isn't a sprint

Trying to achieve your ideal cost per click too quickly can kill a campaigns momentum, start with a reasonable target and gradually reduce your maximum bid. 

3. We've only just begun

Starting your campaign is only the beginning, failure to monitor your campaign throughout its lifetime is like putting your card behind the bar at the office Xmas party. Occasionally market conditions change and competitors come into the market which can drive your cost per click up and make achieving healthy reach difficult, adapt to this by tweaking your targeting.

4. Don't climb the tower if you're not going to ring the bell

Ensure your goal tracking is set up and working before spending your budget, this will allow you to know when people who saw your advert make it on to your site and make a purchase. This will let you compare cost vs revenue and determine whether a future campaign is worthwhile.

5. Don't be afraid to pull the plug and start again

Not all ads perform the way that they were intended and occasionally a rethink is needed. Don't be afraid to kill an advert if it's continuously under-performing, a new variation on the design, targeting or copy can often make a world of difference.

6. Just because all the kids are doing it, doesn't mean it's necessarily for you

Different ad platforms suit businesses in varying ways, some popular ad formats like YouTube pre-rolls work brilliantly for Ford Motors and Apple, however they may not be suited to your business. Social platforms categorise and sort their users in different ways and your niche product may not find a significant market on all channels.

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