6 mistakes you're making with blogging...

6 mistakes you're making with blogging...

1. If there's no passion, it's probably not going to work out

Passion for your chosen subject may not be everlasting, but at its height it's most likely to be evident to your readers. Pick a subject that you love to read about and share your personal take on it, begin a dialogue and conversion with your readers and address their comments/feelings in your work.

2. Did you hear the one about the inconsistent blogger?

No, neither did we. Consistency is one of the biggest draws to an audience and will keep people regularly coming back to your blog, awaiting new content. Posting content at regular intervals may also encourage your fans to be more forgiving should the quality of a post(s) dip below normal standards due to extraneous circumstances.

3. Give it the personal touch

Articles which include a personal point of view or are about a topic close to the writers situation often attract more engagement than those which read like a factual news report. Include personal stories, photos or details to bring the topic to life and ground it in the world of the audience.   

4. How am I supposed to read that?

Failing to optimise your content for mobile is the equivalent to not wanting it to be read at all. Don't leave your potential readership frustrated by an unresponsive site, ensure all your content looks good on Android and iOS before releasing it into the world. 

5. Allow me to re-introduce myself

Ensure that you link back to previous articles on your blog to encourage your readers to explore your site and discover new content. Make sure all embedded links to external sites are programmed to "Open in a new window" to ensure that people stay on your blog and don't have to reverse navigate through their browser.  

6. A blog not promoted is a blog not written

Don't be afraid to tell friends/colleagues about your blog and suggest it to people who you think may be interested. Most popular blogs spread through word of mouth so ensure as many eyes see it as possible to give yourself the best chance of success. 

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