6 mistakes you're making with design...

6 mistakes you're making with design...

1. Think Small

Most social media content is consumed via a mobile device, so ensure your design works on a fruit-based device of choice, text in size 9 font is not going to be seen on mobile so restrict type to important information and make sure it's legible when shrunk. 

2. Obey the law

Facebook's 20% rule governs with an iron fist, and their algorithms wont be afraid of squeezing the reach your organic posts if they contain an overwhelming amount of text and banning your paid posts if they are over the 20% limit. Use the Facebook Grid Tool to check that your work complies.

3. You're still doing that?
Keep your eye on industry trends, they tend to change regularly in alignment with what is engaging the target market at that time. In a world in which you're fighting for every bit of reach you want to put yourself in the best position possible to secure a conversion.

4. One size does not fit all
Each social channel has its own recommended design sizes, posts perform best when the design is the correct size for the channel - nobody likes an Instagram post in Cinemascope!

5. Fear the thumb scroll
Establish a design hierarchy, the top of your post is going to be the first thing that a potential customer sees so make sure that the important information is immediately visible when they're scrolling though their timeline, relegate the least important text to the bottom of the design. 

6. Compression is not your friend  
Export your designs as a PNG file for social media, compressing designs in the wrong format or size can spell disaster when uploading to social media. Delve into the world of compression forums and find what works best for your design style.

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