RYCA joins the troops

RYCA joins the troops

RYCA aka Ryan Callanan is a UK street artist, whose instantly recognisable acid house smiley face designs and casts have been snapped up by the likes of Fatboy Slim. One of RYCA’s storm trooper sculptures has pride of place here on our office wall in Brighton.  We worked with RYCA on the promotion of his Highs and Lows exhibition at London West Bank Gallery back in 2012 and we’ve now been commissioned to create him a brand new website as his art and reputation grows, requiring a new online space in which to showcase his work.


RYCA burst onto the scene in 2006 and gained critical acclaim for his tongue-in-cheek screen-prints, stencils and sculptures that nostalgically fused together a myriad of pop culture references – including icons from Reservoir Dogs, Star Wars and Acid House music. Then in a move away from that signature style, Ryan began drawing on his 3D design training and work as a traditional sign maker to explore different approaches to image making and materials. His Highs and Lows exhibition launched a series of works utilising the aesthetic of the black and gold bass relief signs of old fashioned ‘boozers’, but as usual, playfully subverted. He has also produced a limited series of framed metal casts for drum and bass label Metalheadz.

He has collaborated with some of the major names in street art, including Ben Eine, STIK and David Walker. This bold clashing of styles, produces eclectic and fascinating results. In 2012, he joined forces with photographer artist JR who is renowned for his infamous Inside Out project, which received international acclaim.

Watch this space for first look at the new site as soon as its launched…

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