Thinking Global on Ticketing

Thinking Global on Ticketing

IMS Industry Panel Discussion

Bozboz MAS took part in a panel about 'Ticketing for Success' at this year's Ibiza International Music Summit. We've put together this top level guide to ticketing and how to get it right online...

MAS provide bespoke ticketing solutions for a number of large clubs and events and there are also a large number of 3rd party online services which will allow you to sell online quickly.

Benefits of a Bespoke Ticketing Platform:

  • Greater tracking of referral sources
    For example from social media, online PR or other sources. This allows you to work out which of your marketing techniques are delivering best returns
  • The ability to remarket to customers who visit but don’t purchase
    These customers can be re-engaged, which isn’t possible with a paper flyer 
  • Seamless user experience
    Customers don’t have to leave your site to make a purchase
  • Security & Safety
    Uses https and other security measures to ensure that both customer’s details are kept safe and transactions are made securely.
    Helps to prevent ticket fraud, by keeping sales under your own control, rather than relying on third parties.
  • Better data capture, insight and seamless analytics tracking
    You don’t lose track of your customer when they get to the cart, so you have a greater understanding of marketing funnels and referral / conversion ratio.
  • Reduction in fees
    With a bespoke platform you receive the entire booking fee - this can save venues tens of thousands per year
  • Control of cashflow is in your hands
    With a bespoke system ticket revenue will funnel to you directly each day
  • Increased data collection possible and keeps your data joined up and all in your control
    The data you collate about your customers can’t be used by third parties later to market a similar show by another promoter
  • Builds loyalty with your brand
    Some of the big advances to ticketing are coming via increased automation and streamlining of the process of buying and entering venues. This started via paperless ticketing and is now being replaced by mobile ticketing - using your mobile as your ticket is becoming the norm – convenient, secure, quick and you’re in the door in the blink of a scanner.

Security and Ease of Use

The introduction of QR codes and email based ticketing can make the experience smoother for everyone, although fraud is still a concern with this new technology as it can be easy for the codes to be replicated or copied. New technologies are improving security, such as dynamic codes which change depending on their incarnation and specific timeframes, making it very difficult to copy.

Big Data

Online ticket sales allows for much more joined up data gathering, and from a marketing and business perspective this is a goldmine of information. The more you understand about the demographics of your customers, where they buy from and how close to the event the easier it is to reliably predict cashflow and to accommodate your customers.

Downsides of Online Ticketing

You must consider the value of your brand , whether it be a venue or event and how short term ticket sales methods can potentially harm it, especially in the online world where nothing really disappears. In the offline world discounting and 2 for 1’s can work in certain cases but in the online world news travels fast. Discounting the face value of tickets via services like Groupon can seem like a good idea but also can cannibalise your brand, and the respect of your previous customers who can feel cheated. Aggressive discounting de-values your brand for the benefit of short term cashflow and encourages your audience to wait for discounts next time.

What Next?

The benefits of online ticketing and selling via your own online plaform are huge, in terms of both revenue and reputation, The degree of control you have depends on the platform you use. If you'd like to discuss our bespoke platform, get in touch at [email protected]

How does your ticketing platform perform and what do you think is the next big thing in ticketing? Tweet us @bozbozMAS

Next in the series: Techniques for selling tickets and Innovations in Mobile Ticketing - coming soon

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