Bassline Damagers

Bassline Damagers

Founded by Friction and K-Tee in 2004, Shogun Audio has become known as one of the most pivotal labels in dance music.

Shogun wanted a new site that could showcase all the finest drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep and bass music from the likes of Alix Perez, D Bridge, Noisia, Rockwell, Icicle, Spectrasoul, The Prototypes and more. The website had to encompass all the elements of the Shogun brand, serving their fans multimedia content and music purchases at the click of a button.

Every element of the Shogun Audio website is bespoke, featuring an HTML5 music player, dynamic releases page, integrated video playlists and Ecommerce technology.

The site allows fans of the drum ‘n’ bass juggernaut around the world to connect with the label, their artists and each other through social media.

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